My Story

If I am to spend one of the most important days of your life alongside you, it's only right you get to know a bit about me

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You may have heard the cliché of a photographer born with a camera in their hands, dreaming of photographing weddings… yeah, I am far from that!  I didn't own my first camera until I was 20 years old and I only bought it because it was “the thing to have”. However, one thing I have always seemed to be is rather creative, so after only a few hours with my new toy, a life long love affair with light, composition and freezing moments in time, began rather quickly and my camera went everywhere with me, documenting my life and everything in it.

My career for the past 10 years or so has been in the nightlife world as a club DJ and music producer.  I've played all over the country and abroad, worked for some big names including Ministry of Sound and Gatecrasher and I’ve had my productions played on some of the national stations like Radio 1 & Capital.  You could say I wasn’t too bad. However, starting a family made me reevaluate my work life balance. I worked out that the travelling and late nights were one of the main culprits that often prevented us from doing fun things together as a family. The nightlife scene had also become rather uninspiring to me, with big changes in music, culture and listening habits which all pushed me a little out of love with it. I decided to look for something else to do that would allow me to be creative and have fun, but also let me work from home and be more in control of my time. My camera had never left my side for my entire DJ career so it made sense to utilise the skills I had learnt.

So why wedding photography?  That’s kind of the easy bit, I got married!  While searching for my own wedding photographer I realised the old, dated and traditional style of photography had been surpassed by a truly stunning art form, one of natural yet creative story telling, the one thing I had been doing all along with my camera.  It became very obvious very quickly that this was what I should be doing… it just took me a few years to take the leap!

Meet the Hand gang

So Martyn Hand Photography is pretty much just that, myself taking and editing pictures of you and your guests on your wedding day. However, behind the scenes there are a couple of other important people that keep me and the business running smoothly, through the mediums of coffee, custard creams and cuddles...

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“The Geek”

Let's get this out of the way, I am a full on geek. Whether it be light, sound or an autonomous house, I want to know about it, how I can control it and what I can do with it. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist which also means I take my time doing things right, much to the annoyance of Kerrie!

Likes: Rum, Clever Gadgets & Music

Dislikes: The sound of a fork scraping a plate

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“The Boss”

Kerrie is my wife, my rock and Darcie & Dexters’s incredible mummy. She keeps me sane and focused when my head starts to get lost in the creative abyss, lets me sleep after a late night editing session and preps the coffee and packup for the early starts of a wedding day. Her favourite hobby is actually cleaning and she thinks she is right all the time... 

Likes: Tea, Cleaning & Sun Worshipping

Dislikes: Worms & snails

Darcie Sunset Fuji Sept 2019-3.jpg

“The Cuddle Monster”

Darcie is our beautiful little girl and future ballerina. Her laugh is infectious, her smile will melt your heart and her favourite phrase is " but daddy I neeeeeed it!". She used to be happy to pose when daddy needed a model however, these days she is often a little too busy with important things like Moana or Beauty and the Beast.

Likes: Blueberries, Disney films & Swimming

Dislikes: Hand driers in bathrooms


“Dangerous Dave”

Dexter, or Dave for short, is the latest addition to the Hand family. He’s our amazing little man who crawls at the speed of light and knows no fear. His current party trick is testing the density of a nearby object by hitting it against his head. The results of these scientific tests fall into one of two categories: fits of high pitched giggles or a full on teary meltdown.

Likes: Mangos, Muzzy & Darcie

Dislikes: Loud noises


We even have our own Instagram account - feel free to follow @darcieanddexter for all of our madness!