Best Yorkshire Wedding Photography 2018

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Happy new year!! 2018 is over and what a blur it was! I’m pretty sure I said this last year, but I can’t actually believe I am doing my own “Best Of 2018” Wedding Photography collection. It’s still surreal that I get to call wedding photography my job!

So 2018, what a year it was. I have captured some truly amazing weddings in and around Yorkshire and much further afield, including an unbelievable week in Ibiza! I have also witnessed countless real and emotional moments between both Bride and Groom and also their family and friends, to which I have to say a massive thank you. Firstly to my couples for trusting me and my crazy arty ways and then to their amazing guests for always making me feel so welcome whilst I capture such a special day. It just makes my work so much easier when people understand what I’m there to do and allow me to essentially be just another guest at the wedding.

I feel I need to give a big shout out to all the incredible venues I have photographed at this year and their hard working staff who again always make me feel so welcome and basically just look after me. I reckon without them I would probably fall over with dehydration. Speaking of which I guess its only right I give a quick thank you to my second shooters too, Becki, Brad and Sam. You guys all rock and are also implicit in keeping me hydrated whilst my head is off in that creative zone.

As I lightly touched on, I had my first destination wedding in 2018 which was on the magical island of Ibiza. This special wedding also gave me another career first, a Weddison, an industry recognised wedding photography award. Awards are something I’ve never had the confidence to enter before but after picking up a Weddison at my first attempt of entering, I shall be on the ball and entering many more of my images. I can also officially call myself an Award Winning Wedding Photographer!!

Finally 2018 brought our little family an extra member when my wife Kerrie gave birth in December to our son beautiful son, Dexter James Hand. Of course the last image in this post is one of him, so feel free to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page just to witness the cuteness!

Right, enough waffling, on to the pictures! I’ve put together a very short slideshow with some of my favourite images of the year. It’s not all big portraits and hero shots either, there are plenty of the little but super important wedding day moments that pass by so quickly but are essential to tell the full story of a wedding day. As I like a good bit of upbeat editing, the pictures may go past a little quickly but hopefully that leave you wanting to seem them again, which is good as all the images are displayed below, with a few extras that didn’t quite make the slideshow just for good measure. There are many images in this collection that I am super proud of, for various reasons, but I also appreciate just how lucky I am to have couples who trust my judgement, guidance and artistic madness on their wedding day to ensure I capture something memorable for them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank you!!

2018, here’s to you! Let’s make 2019 even better!!